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Etlingera Farms


In a rare offering, this beautiful, 77 acre farm is for sale.

Post script edit:  We have been the stewards of this magnificent farm for sale in Costa Rica for over ten years now.  This web site has undergone a number of significant rewrites through the years.  We have been content owning this gorgous farm in the tropics in Costa Rica.  We never intended to sell it.  And, we were always kind of pura vida about this web site.  We really never had concern about attracting visitors.  Search engine rankings were unimportant in our lives.  We had our own private rainforest retreat in Costa Rica, and we were happy about it.  The creation of this page started out as one of many tropical hobbies.  But, now, our focus has taken on new dimensions, and we are now interested in putting up this Costa Rica farm for sale.  And, we would like to take advantage of the fact that we have a web presence to help us to sell it.  Until now, this web page has been in existence entirely for my entertainment.  Now, that our interest have changed, and we desire to put up this rainforest retreat in Costa Rica for sale, we note that our search engine ranking puts us on the bottom of the last page.  In my attempt to increase my search engine ranking, I have buried the key words and phrases as I would like them to be seen to search engines.  The only purpose of this paragraph is to help this site become visible to search engines.  You may ignore it as it appears in future pages. Meanwhile, I'm going to put a few more tags. farm for sale in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Rainforest retreat for sale. Rainforest retreat for sale in Costa Rica. Costa Rica farm for sale and Costa Rica land for sale. And, let's not forget finca for sale in Costa Rica