This website used to be fancy and pretty.  I spent a lot of time filling it with information about Costa Rica, about Etlingera Farms, and about our reforestation project.  It had all sorts of bells and whistles.  I created it when I had more time to do things like that.  But, then, somebody hacked my site and rendered it useless.  I can't see the sense in spending a lot of hours in building websites only to have somebody destroy it.

But, I have to have a webpage.  Especially now, that we would like to divest ourselves of Etlingera Farms.  However, this time I am going to try something new.  I am not going to spend a bunch of time making a functional webpage full of useful, and colorful links.  This is going to be a very basic page with very basic information and a bunch of pictures.  If you would like additional information, you are encouraged to contact us.  If you are not interested in purchasing, that's okay.  You are still welcome to check out the photo gallery.  I have reduced it to just under three thousand pictures.  Please feel free to view these pictures.  I did my best to make sure to only include pictures taken from our actual farm.  A few stray photos of our travels around Costa Rica may have found their way into our gallery.  I apologize for their inclusion. It is not our intention to mislead.  The beauty of Etlingera Farms stands on its own merit.

Etlingera Farms is composed of two parcels of land.  In my opinion, together, they comprise the most gorgeous 77 acre (31 Hectaria) farm, in all of Costa Rica. 

We purchased it because it had a beautiful river.  this was going to be a hobby farm for our retirement.  But, it doesn't look like we are going to be able to retire as we had anticipated.  So, after owning this beautiful retreat for close to 20 years, it is time for us to step aside and make way for new owners with a new vision.  And, so, with heavy hearts, we announce that Etlingera Farms is available for sale.

Etlingera Farms is located about an hour's drive from San Jose.  We are 6 miles south of downtown Guapiles, in a suburb called Bella Vista (Beautiful View).  There is a beautiful view of Volcan Turrialba as well as a distant waterfall that can be seen from our farm.  The exact location of Etlingera Farms is visible on Google Maps.  Just type in Etlingera Farms, and the magic of technology will take you there.  Our farm is nearly rectangular in shape and is approximately 300 meters wide (road frontage) by 1000 meters (1km) deep.

While only a few minutes from the center town, unlike the heat of Guapiles, the environment of Bella Vista is considered "Tropical Humido" it is cool and humid.  There is generally a light breeze at our elevation of 300 meters.  Many of the inhabitants of Guapiles choose to live in Bella Vista as it is peaceful, and "muy fresco."  Because we boarder the Brauillo Carillo National Park, we share much of the same rain forest feel as well as its flora and fauna.

The land, is more or less level with some gentle slopes.  There are no steep inclines.  There is just enough hill to give it good drainage, and personality.  But, not too steep to walk.  We lived there for quite some time and very comfortably walked every inch of the place.

There are 3 simple, but, livable houses on the property as well as two barns, a stable, a hen house, and two tilapia ponds.  There are also several acres planted with bananas. However, The most magnificent features of the property are the water courses created by the three streams and the roaring river at the back of the property.

It is an easy, pleasant walk to back of the farm where the river (Rio Blanco) is located.  We have almost 1,000 feet of private river front with several areas suitable for swimming, sun bathing, or just to sit near and meditate.

During the time that we lived there, in looking to create a sustainable secondary forest, we planted over 20,000 trees.  Many of these trees have commercial value and are now ready for harvest.

Because it is totally on the grid, and completely serviced by public transportation and utilities, much of the land in Bella Vista is recently selling for upwards of $10 per M2.  We, will accept less.

For more information, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Our response time is pretty good.

Please visit our picture gallery.