What Is Etlingera Farms?

Etlingera Farms is a reforestation project in the Tropical Rain Forests of Costa Rica. At only an hour’s drive from the capital city of San José, Etlingera Farms borders Braulio Carrillo National Park to the West, the Turrialba Volcano National Park to the South, and our neighbor, the Caribbean city of Guápiles to the North.  Etlingera Farm's exotic tropical flora and fauna provides the sustainability to a perfectly balanced ecosystem that shelters and nurtures a milliard variety of life of both kingdoms.  The focus at Etlingera Farms is to maintain and support nature's continuum to preserve, their precious habitat; to inspire humanity through education and ecotourism to keep life alive... to honor the Circle of Life. It is our responsibility to protect the life in the Rain Forest for a healthy environment and it is only through a resilient effort and awareness that this nature's enchanted world is going to perpetuate for our future generations. 

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