A lot of consideration whet into finding the perfect environment to do the Etlingera Farm things.  Utilities are a big factor.  Unlike a great deal of rural lands in Costa Rica, we are close enough to big cities that Bella Vista is very much on the grid at all times.

Our electrical needs are served by ICE, the Costa Rican, Government owned, utility company.  We have electrical drops at 3 separate location along our eastern boundary.

ICE is also the provider of our telephone lines.  At only a few dollars per month, our telephone service is cheaper than reasonable.  Our cell phones, also serviced by ICE provide spotty service.

We are members of the Asociación Administrativa De Acueducto De Bella Vista, who provides the water not only to us, but, to AYA, the main water company of Costa Rica as well.  Our water bills are less than ten dollars per month, and our water quality is excellent.

Medical care is close at hand as there is a good sized hospital in the nearby city of Guápiles.

Our internet service is provided to us by RASCA.  We set up our computer and router inside of our cabin and maintain a decent signal in all of the surrounding structures.