Property Description

Etlingera Farms has an average elevation of 1,900 feet above sea level.  The two adjoining parcels that make up Etlingera Farms measure 310,000 m2 (77 Acres)

The distribution of the land approximates regular, rectangular with 300 meters of main road frontage. 

The distance from the main road to the river is a thousand meters, or 1 kilometer.

The land is nearly flat with enough variation to provide for proper drainage.

The road to Etlingera Farms has year round access.  4-Wheel Drive, and other recreation type vehicles are fun.  But, not required.

The property is serviced by public utilities for electricity, water, telephone, and internet.

The temperature in the Bella Vista area is fairly consistently in the 70s.  Our humidity level is high, with frequent showers, and our cloud cover diffuses most of the direct rays from the sun.